7 Tips to Succeed in Your Home Business

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This is something I’ve been thinking about for some time. What do you actually need to do to make you Home Business Successful?

Treat your Business like a Business

If you play at it, it’ll never happen. Only by treating your business as a real entity, will you be able to more forward with it. Will it take time and effort? Yes, but you’re building up something here to provide for your future, so treat it like it should be treated.

Don’t be Shy

You can afford a huge marketing business, so how will people know you’re there and ready to help them? For “alternative” ideas, have a look at Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

Ask for Referrals

If your customers like your products (and they should, they bought them, and you followed up with your great customer service), ask them to tell their friends. After all, a personal recommendation is worth FAR more then an impersonal ad in a paper to a prospective customer.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

You don’t want or need to be spending a large amount before you’ve even made any money, keep it simple. You already have a computer and telephone, and that’s more than enough to get you started, and keep you going for a while.

Keep your Day Job

This is a MUST at least for a while until your new business is generating enough income to at least replace your day job. Starting a new venture when you’ve got no money coming in is more stressful than you think.

Build a Customer Base

It doesn’t have to be big, but a monthly “turnover” of your products is a good base to start from. Remember it far easier to keep a customer, then find a new one, so customer service has to rank high on your list of traits.

Manage Cash Flow

Stay on top of any money owed, and at least attempt to project your income over a few weeks. Cash is going out as well as in, and taking careful note of both is essential.

Sunshine aids Weight Loss?

I’m constantly surprised about some of the news I read every day. Most of it’s get “filed” in my mental bin, but the good stuff gets passed onto you in the form of this blog, and the emails we send out to our subscribers. It’s funny how over the course of a few weeks, the same thing can pop up in different news articles for wholly different reasons.

This time, we’re back to Vitamin D – which we told you about in the article Vitamin D Deficiency on the Increase well it’s back in the news again, this time as an aid to weight loss. You’ve heard that Vitamin D is obviously a vitamin, but did you know it’s also a hormone used in over 40 different tissues in your body? Turns out that about a third of people are deficient in this vitamin, so what happens when you DO have enough in your body?

Benefits of the proper amount of Vitamin D in your body

  • You’ll eat less but feel more satisfied.
  • You’ll store less fat.
  • You’ll burn more fat—especially belly fat.
  • You’ll lose weight—and help your heart

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